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 Luke provides a comfortable, safe, and non-judgmental place for clients to really be themselves and find solutions to their challenges in life. All sessions are currently done via Zoom. In person sessions can be explored for local clients.


Due to Luke’s extensive coaching background he offers a wide variety of services. Luke specializes in General Life Coaching, Addiction, Sexuality, Gender and Identity.

All sessions are 50 mins in length, unless arranged prior to session.

There is a set rate per session which will be gone over when you connect with Luke. Keep in mind that Luke does have sliding scale spots in his practice. Please ask about these rates and openings.


Luke cares a great deal for his clients and offers a 24 hour check-in service for those that are struggling.

So, now what?


If you would like to get in touch with Luke, please go to the Contact Page on this site to see all the ways that you can reach him.

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